ASX Announcements 2006



Announcement Title

27th December 2006 Restricted Securities Release from Escrow
20th December 2006 HDR Correction: Significant Nickel Anomalies at Waite Kauri
20th December 2006 Significant Nickel Anomalies at White Kauri
13th December 2006 Nickel Surface Sampling Completed at Waite Kauri Project
4th December 2006 Budgeted Expenditure Commitments at Completion of Issue
4th December 2006 Corporate Governance Statement
4th December 2006 Top 20 Shareholders & Top 20 Optionholders
4th December 2006 Pre-Quotation Disclosure
4th December 2006 Securities Subject to Escrow
4th December 2006 Pro-Forma Balance Sheet at Completion of Prospectus Issue
4th December 2006 Terms & Conditions Attaching to Options
4th December 2006 Distribution Schedule
4th December 2006 Constitution
4th December 2006 ASX Circular: Commencement of Official Quotation
4th December 2006 Appendix 1A - ASX Listing Application & Agreement
4th December 2006 Admission to Official List
7th November 2006 Disclosure Document


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